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Man wanted by Interpol arrested in Harrow Town Centre

A man wanted by Interpol was arrested by police officers in Harrow after being spotted on a bench outside St. John’s Baptist Church. The incident, which was shared on the Harrow MPS Instagram account, occurred during a routine foot patrol.

Interpol, the International Criminal Police Organisation, helps police forces around the world work together to fight crime that crosses borders. It shares information and resources to catch criminals involved in activities like human trafficking, terrorism, and drug smuggling.

Officers approached the man, who was drinking alcohol in a designated area known for anti-social behavior. Upon requesting his name under the Police Reform Act 2002, a PNC check revealed the man was wanted by Interpol for severe offences committed in Romania in 2017. He has been sought for seven years.

After confirming with Interpol that the man was wanted for extradition, officers arrested him and transported him to custody. A European Court Warrant indicates that he faces a sentence of four years and six months of imprisonment.

The man has been remanded to Westminster Magistrates Court regarding the extradition offence.

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