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Quintain Living’s top BBQ tips for Wembley Park residents

National BBQ Week is back for its 28th year from June 3rd to 9th. People all over the country will be firing up their grills, hoping for warm weather to enjoy outdoor meals with friends and family.

Quintain Living, the management company for over 3,390 apartments in Wembley Park, London, has several BBQ areas and outdoor kitchens on its roof terraces and podium gardens. They have shared their top tips for barbecuing with friends this summer.

7 top tips for BBQing with friends

1. Collaborate to plan your menu

Discussing what you’re going to cook the day before makes it easy to ensure a balanced selection of tasty treats, as well as to cater to dietary preferences. Remember to plan your side dishes too – not just what’s going on the grill, whether courgettes for BBQing with a dash of balsamic, leaves for an ultra-fresh salad or herbs to give everything some added zing. Finally, factor in whether you’re cooking over coals or with gas, as the different methods lend themselves to different dishes.

2. Share the tasks

There’s plenty to do when you’re cooking for a crowd but there are also plenty of people to share the load. Whether it’s shopping, prepping, cooking, mixing drinks or washing up, get everyone involved for a smooth-running BBQ that feels like a true team effort. Remember that you can also make things easier by ordering your food to be delivered in advance, with everyone from supermarkets to greengrocers offering delivery services. Just remember you’ll need to keep any meat or fish in the fridge until about 20 minutes before you cook it.

3. Have your tools at the ready

From your foil to your fish slice, happy grilling for a crowd is all about being prepared. You’ll need utensils for cooking with, serving dishes and platters, oil, seasoning, a meat thermometer and more. Get everything ready beforehand to minimise stress while once the BBQ is lit.

4. Plan your table décor

From knives to napkins, a little forethought can ensure you have everything with you as you fire up the grill. It means you can all settle down for a relaxed affair, rather than constantly having to pop back indoors or to the nearest shop to fetch things you’ve overlooked.

5. Separate your grilling zones

Catering for a crowd means keeping everyone happy. With many people choosing a vegetarian or vegan diet, it’s a good idea to allocate different areas of your grill for meat and vegetables. And don’t forget to use different utensils for each area too, so your tongs don’t transfer meat juices to your mushrooms!

6. Don’t forget about dessert

BBQs aren’t all about the main course. Throw a few bananas in their skins on the grill as you sit down to eat and they’ll be perfectly cooked by the time you finish, ready to serve with anything from butterscotch sauce to ice-cream to a warming drizzle of rum.

7. Think carefully about timing

Do you want your guests turning up for a few drinks beforehand, at the moment you’ve lit the grill or as you serve the feast? Think beforehand about how long it’s all going to take and what would work best. It can be helpful to start with what time you would like to eat and work backwards from there.

Quintain Living's top BBQ tips for Wembley Park residents Harrow Online
Webber-grade BBQs at Canada Gardens, Quintain Living, Wembley Park

At Canada Gardens, BBQs and outdoor kitchen areas are nestled in an acre of lush gardens featuring a Weber-grade outdoor grill area with a country kitchen vibe. There is also a community allotment with planters for vegetables and herbs.

Repton Gardens offers a round, canopied BBQ hut in a 2,300 square foot podium garden, featuring four hireable BBQs and seating for six at each table. The garden includes trees, lawns, and two playparks for residents of all ages.

Ferrum has outdoor kitchens in both the podium garden and roof terrace, offering views of the Wembley Stadium arch. These areas also feature lawn games, wooden dining tables, benches, and pagodas, providing a natural, calming contrast to the New York warehouse-inspired interiors of the apartments.

Danielle Bayless, Chief Operating Officer at Quintain Living said, “BBQing with friends provides scope for endless variety – you can grill every weekend and no two feasts need be the same. We are delighted that our residents enjoy such a wealth of facilities to enjoy during National BBQ Week and all summer long, as part of homes that they are proud to show off to their friends and family.”