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Travel Alert: Roadworks in Harrow starting today

Several key roads in Harrow and Brent are set for essential works that might affect your commute.

Here’s the latest on what to expect and how it might impact your journey:

Station Road, North Harrow: Starting today, Openreach will be carrying out maintenance on Station Road until June 2nd. Expect delays as multi-way traffic signals are in place to manage the flow. If this is your usual route, give yourself some extra travel time.

Fryent Way, Brent: From tomorrow, June 1st to June 2nd, Fryent Way in Wembley will be closed for event management activities, namely the Champions League coach parking. A full road closure means significant delays are likely. Plan your journey accordingly to avoid being caught out.

Parkside Way, North Harrow: Openreach is also working on Parkside Way from today until June 2nd, with multi-way traffic signals in place. This means potential delays, so consider an alternative route or leave a bit earlier than usual.

Uxbridge Road, Hatch End: Essential maintenance by Affinity Water is scheduled for Uxbridge Road in Hatch End today and tomorrow. Multi-way signals will control the traffic, likely causing some disruption. Factor in extra time if you’re passing through this area.

Kingsfield Avenue, North Harrow: Maintenance work on Kingsfield Avenue will run from today until June 2nd, managed by Openreach with multi-way signals. Delays are possible.

With multiple roadworks happening today and over the weekend, a bit of planning can save you from unexpected delays.

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