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Two new ‘Local Areas of Special Character’ proposed for parts of West Harrow and Pinner

Harrow Council has announced a six-week consultation period for residents in two proposed Local Areas of Special Character (LASC) in West Harrow and Pinner, which aim to protect the local character of neighbourhoods that have special historical interest and locally well-preserved architectural quality.

Following recommendations from local conservation groups, assessments determined that these areas hold significant heritage value due to their architecture, design features, and landscaping. The proposed LASCs include Butler Avenue, Lance Road, and West Harrow Recreation Ground in Harrow, and West End Avenue, Meadow Road, and Eastcote Road in Pinner.

Deputy Leader of Harrow Council and Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration, Councillor Marilyn Ashton, stated, “In Harrow, we are proud of our historically rich areas with high architectural heritage. The introduction of LASCs is part of our effort to maintain these unique neighbourhoods that residents cherish. This policy will also protect Harrow from inappropriate developments that are out of character with our community.”

She added, “We’re pleased that local groups have suggested these areas for consideration as LASCs. We look forward to hearing residents’ views during the consultation.”

While the level of protection in a LASC differs from that of a Conservation Area, where permitted development rights are restricted, LASCs do not affect these rights. However, any changes requiring permission must protect the character of the LASC.

Residents in the proposed LASCs and local conservation groups will receive letters inviting them to participate in the consultation via the Council’s platform, MyHarrow Talk. The results will be reviewed by the council’s Planning Policy Advisory Panel and Cabinet later this year.

For more details, including photos and specifics of the proposed areas, view the LASC Cabinet report.