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Harrow among top London boroughs facing plumbing issues due to hard water

A recent study has identified Harrow as one of the London Boroughs most affected by hard water, increasing the risk of plumbing issues such as water leaks and damaged fixtures.

The research, conducted by water softener experts Aspect, assessed water hardness levels across London Boroughs, categorising them into soft, moderately hard, hard, or very hard water categories. The study found that Harrow has a very hard water rating of 304.8 parts per million (ppm), placing it third among the boroughs with the hardest water.

Hard water, while not typically a health hazard, can significantly impact plumbing systems. It can lead to scale buildup, which can damage both cold and hot water systems, including boilers, dishwashers, and washing machines. This buildup can cause corrosion, reduced flow rates, and blockages.


The top three boroughs with the hardest water are Barnet (327 ppm), Enfield (315.5 ppm), and Harrow (304.8 ppm). In contrast, Bexley has the softest water in London, with a score of 219.3 ppm.

The geology of the South East of England, primarily composed of chalk and limestone, contributes to the high levels of calcium and magnesium ions in the water, leading to harder water.

Harrow among top London boroughs facing plumbing issues due to hard water Harrow Online

James Hays, Technical Manager of Plumbing, Heating and AC at Aspect, commented on the findings: “While hard water isn’t usually a risk to your health, it can have a significant effect on plumbing fixtures, causing corrosion, damage and reduced functionality, and increasing the risk of water leaks.”

He added that most residents in the South East, including Harrow, live in hard water areas due to the sedimentary rocks like limestone and chalk that make up the region’s bedrock.

“The good news is that there are measures that you can take to help protect your plumbing fixtures from these issues, ensuring they remain both functional and visually appealing. If you live in an area with hard or very hard water, purchasing a water softener may solve these problems for you, by replacing the hardness in the water with sodium ions. It is essential that you make sure that it is installed by a qualified plumber, to make sure that it is done correctly and safely,” Hays advised.

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