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Harrow’s traffic signals get high-tech upgrade

Transport for London (TfL), in collaboration with Yunex Traffic Limited, has successfully upgraded its traffic signal system to the new cloud-based Real Time Optimiser (RTO).

This includes the Harrow area, bringing significant improvements in journey times, traffic flow, and incident response across London’s roads.

The new RTO system replaces a decades-old traffic management system, making the city’s 6,400 automated traffic signal junctions and pedestrian crossings more efficient. This transformation helps TfL handle the complex road layouts in the capital, ensuring a resilient and future-proof network.


Over a two-week period, nearly 4,000 junctions, 1,500 pedestrian crossings, and more than 16,000 traffic detectors were smoothly transitioned to the new system. This upgrade happened without any disruption to London’s road network.

Traffic signals are crucial for the safety of all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. They also play a vital role in maintaining an efficient bus network. The integration of RTO with TfL’s Control Centre enhances the response to road incidents, supporting TfL’s Vision Zero goal of eliminating deaths and serious injuries on the transport network.

The RTO system also sets the stage for the introduction of FUSION, a new intelligent adaptive control system. FUSION will eventually replace the existing SCOOT system, further improving air quality, reducing congestion, and enhancing traffic flow through modern data techniques.

Carl Eddleston, TfL’s Director of Network Management and Resilience, said:  “London’s road network plays a vital role in enabling millions of journeys each day and we’re determined to ensure that people can walk, cycle, take the bus and drive as safely and efficiently as possible.

“This world-leading new traffic management system will be a game-changer for us in London. It will use new data sources to better manage our road network, tackle congestion, reduce delay for people choosing healthier travel options and improve air quality.”

Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the UK, said: “We are delighted to be at the heart of this ground-breaking programme, having worked closely with TfL to develop this innovative solution for transport authorities both in the UK and internationally.

“Building on the UK’s track record of developing modern traffic management and control solutions, RTO provides a robust, reliable system that will meet the needs of the world’s largest cities, helping improve air quality, reduce congestion and make sustainable travel more appealing and accessible to everyone.”



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