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Man convicted for stalking Watford woman

A man has been convicted of serious stalking offences against a woman from Watford that he barely knew.

Karl Chads, age 41, from Charlwood Street in London was arrested on 18 December 2023 and charged with stalking with fear of violence against two victims – a woman and her partner.  He was also charged with burglary on 17 December 2023, criminal damage on 18 December 2023 and trespassing with the intent to commit a relevant sexual offence between 17 and 18 December 2023.

He was found guilty of all offences during a nine-day trial having been remanded in custody. The court heard how Chads, despite having only met the female victim face to face three times, bombarded the woman with texts, phone calls and voicemails from October 2023.


“The defendant became increasingly fixated on the victim, spiralling into more erratic and frightening behaviour,” said Detective Constable Honeybell, from the Local Crime Unit.

“Despite the woman ignoring previous messages and making it clear she did not want him contacting her, he continued to barrage the victim with unwanted contact, declaring his love for her and posting about her on social media over a prolonged period.

“He continued to spiral, sending unwanted gifts and flowers with handwritten love letters, despite the victim not giving him her address.”

Not content with tormenting her, Chads then turned his sights on his victim’s partner, threatening to blow his head off and making violent sexual threats to harm the victim in front of her partner.

On 17 December, she received a call from an unknown number, Chads was breathing down the phone.  At 9.45pm that evening, Chads broke into her home through a bathroom window and stole her journal.

DC Honeybell said: “Fortunately she was not at home at the time otherwise he may have followed through with his threats. Safeguarding measures were immediately put in place. However, not content with his earlier actions, he returned to her address, breaking two glass panels in the front door and reaching into the property. We believe Chads intended to follow through with his threats of violent sexual assault, but we were there waiting for him and arrested him.”

She said: “He is a very dangerous man who has made the most serious of threats, against a woman and her partner – both of whom he hardly knew.  His obsessive behaviour was unwanted and unwarranted. He made it clear that nothing was going to stop him from getting his victim, despite hardly knowing her.”

Chads is due to be sentenced on 23 July, 2024,

DC Honeybell added: “Stalking can affect every part of your life and can lead to even more serious offences. We are here to help and for domestic cases we have a Domestic Abuse Investigation and Safeguarding Unit.”

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