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St George’s Shopping Centre in Harrow to introduce ‘Quiet Hours’

St George’s Shopping Centre in Harrow Town Centre is launching Quiet Hours every Sunday from 11am to 12pm, starting 30th June.

During this time, the centre’s retailers and restaurants will reduce lighting and music to create a calmer shopping environment for those who prefer a quieter atmosphere or have sensory sensitivities.

The shopping centre will turn down its music to ensure a serene atmosphere throughout the entire space, benefiting visitors who seek a peaceful shopping experience.


“We are committed to making St. George’s Shopping Centre a welcoming place for everyone,” said the Centre Manager.

St George's Shopping Centre in Harrow to introduce 'Quiet Hours' Harrow Online

“By introducing Quiet Hours, we hope to provide a more inclusive and enjoyable shopping experience for all our visitors. We understand that for some, a quieter environment can make a significant difference in whether they visit shops or not, and we are proud to offer this initiative.”

Harrow Town Centre shoppers and visitors to the centre are encouraged to take advantage of this peaceful shopping period and enjoy the calm atmosphere.

Learn more about this initiative on the St George’s website: St George’s Shopping Centre

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