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New sustainable home centre opens in Stanmore

A new Sustainable Home Centre, a collaboration between Daikin, a heat pump manufacturer, and ElecMec, a local independent merchant for plumbing, heating, electrical, and bathroom supplies, officially opened in Stanmore on Friday, 21st June.

This launch marks the seventh addition to Daikin’s Sustainable Home Centre network in 2024.

The event welcomed homeowners, trade professionals, existing heating installers, and those considering careers as heat pump installers. The Mayor of Harrow, Cllr Salim Chowdhury, attended the event and cut the ribbon to mark the centre’s opening.


Visitors had the opportunity to meet experts from Daikin UK and experience the latest heat pump technology. Daikin conducted presentations on its products and green industry installer training opportunities.

The Daikin Sustainable Home Centre aims to serve as a knowledge hub for heating and cooling enthusiasts and a venue for installers to consult their clients. ElecMec will also use the centre to train the next generation of low-carbon heating engineers. The centre seeks to empower installers to embrace renewable heating, ensuring their businesses remain competitive amid the phasing-out of fossil fuel boilers and futureproofing the industry.

Councillor Salim Chowdhury, Mayor of Harrow, stated: “I am honoured to be at the grand opening of the Sustainable Home Centre at ElecMec Limited in Honey Pot Lane today. This marks a significant promotion of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

“The centre will serve as a hub for innovative solutions and technologies that will help us create a greener future for generations to come. From energy-efficient appliances to eco-friendly building materials, the centres aim to showcase the possibilities of sustainable living.”

New sustainable home centre opens in Stanmore Harrow Online
The Mayor of Harrow, Cllr Salim Chowdhury at the opening in Stanmore.

Visesh Gami, Head of Renewables at ElecMec stated: “Launching Daikin’s latest Sustainable Home Centre has been an exciting next step forward for us, it was great to see an amazing turnout of support to enhance our ethos of bringing high-quality branded products to our customer base.


“Adding low carbon technology, like air to water and air to air heat pumps, marks a significant milestone for us, and helps us towards meeting our goal of aiding the transition to renewables for heating engineers.

“The centre aims to promote sustainable heating and air conditioning solutions and equip installers with the necessary knowledge and skills to efficiently and effectively meet the growing demand for net-zero, eco-friendly options. Through our training centre, we aim to provide expert advice and training to help our installer base to become fully equipped to deal with upcoming technologies.”

Commercial Manager of Heating & Renewables at Daikin UK, Iain Bevan commented: “Heat pumps hold immense potential for slashing energy consumption and home bills. Over their 15-year lifespan, transitioning from a fossil fuel boiler to an air source heat pump could result in savings exceeding £3,000 compared to gas boilers, over £6,000 compared to oil, and surpassing £9,000 compared to LPG.


“Our studies reveal that a staggering 68% of homeowners are unaware of the significantly higher energy efficiency of heat pumps over gas boilers. While gas boilers operate at 70-90% efficiency, heat pumps soar between 300-400%. There’s an essential need to educate homeowners about heat pump technology, and our Sustainable Home Centres, like ElecMec, offer the ideal platform for such endeavours.

“Furthermore, with substantial funding accessible through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, now boosted to £7,500, homeowners have remarkable opportunity to undertake green energy efficiency enhancements.”

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