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Swifties cause ‘Taylor Tremors’ at Wembley Park during Eras Tour

Taylor Swift fans made the Earth move during the first three dates of her London leg of The Eras Tour at Wembley Stadium, according to seismologists from University College London (UCL).

The most significant ground motion was recorded on the opening night, Friday 21st June, with the song “Love Story” producing the strongest tremors, equivalent to an earthquake of magnitude around 0.8.

The seismology team, led by Geophysicists Professor Ana Ferreira and Dr. Stephen Hicks, installed nine seismometers around Wembley Park to monitor the impact. “Taylor Swift fans were clearly having the time of their lives in Wembley Park during Taylor’s first London concerts. With our instruments we were able to ‘listen’ to the Earth’s heartbeat which was certainly beating fast during songs such as Love Story which produced energy in the ground equivalent to an earthquake of magnitude around 0.8. This is a great testimony of how even a so-called small magnitude event is actually ‘big’, being generated by such a huge and enthusiastic dancing crowd,” said Professor Ana Ferreira.

Swifties cause 'Taylor Tremors' at Wembley Park during Eras Tour Harrow Online
Spectrogram showing the frequency content of the seismic signal on Friday 21st June 2024 at Wembley Park.
Image credit: Dr Stephen Hicks, UCL.

The reaction to Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce’s surprise debut as a dancer, and the crowd’s support of Swift and her live band were also recorded by the seismometers on Sunday 23rd June.

UCL’s seismology team positioned nine measuring devices across Wembley Park. In addition to UCL’s own resources, UK-based manufacturer Güralp Systems Ltd provided five highly sensitive seismometers. University of Oxford’s Associate Professor of Geophysics, Dr. Paula Koelemeijer, also shared instruments for use in Wembley Park, allowing for detailed data to be recorded on the impact of the Swifties dancing and stomping their feet in Wembley Stadium and those ‘Taylor-gating’ outside the iconic venue.

“The Eras Tours has thrilled and delighted fans here in Wembley Park on its opening nights in London. The neighbourhood welcomed visitors from all over the world across the first three dates and the ground movements recorded by UCL reflect the immense enjoyment of Swifties dancing to hit after hit in a night that they will remember for a lifetime,” said Claudio Giambrone, Head of Marketing, Wembley Park.

Swifties cause 'Taylor Tremors' at Wembley Park during Eras Tour Harrow Online
UCL’s seismology team installed nine seismometers around Wembley Park. Image credit: Dr Stephen Hicks, UCL. Maps data: Google, ©2024 Airbus, Maxar Technologies.

Paul Burke, a PhD student in palaeontology at UCL, commented on his experience: “Being a Swiftie since I was 13, I never thought my job as a researcher at UCL and Taylor Swift would collide together. Taylor brings so much joy to so many people and there’s a feeling you get from going to her concert that you cannot replicate.

“We got to use science to measure seismic activity during her concerts at Wembley, showing the fun applications science has and the importance of it. Hopefully, this experiment leads to the public being more aware of all the great science we do at UCL and all the fun things we can do with it.”

Equivalent ‘Taylor tremors’ are anticipated on 15, 16, 17, 19 and 20 August, as Swift continues to wow audiences at Wembley Stadium.

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