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Harrow residents react to Labour’s historic victory in General Election

With Labour’s historic victory and Keir Starmer becoming the new Prime Minister, the political landscape of the UK has shifted significantly.

Locally, Harrow saw a strong voter turnout with notable results: Gareth Thomas of Labour was re-elected in Harrow West, while Bob Blackman from the Conservative Party retained his seat in Harrow East.

The Harrow Online Facebook Group was abuzz with residents sharing their thoughts on the election results, here are a few of the comments.


Danut Pasnicu: “Doesn’t matter who you chose. It’s the same thing. Corporations run the game’s not politicians.”

Reena Chotai: “Those who didn’t vote shouldn’t complain if the next Government isn’t to your liking. You had a chance to make your voice heard. 56% turnout in Harrow West is shocking.”

Derek Helyar: “Just read most of the comments below…. what a bunch of downers and pesimists you all are. This country (thanks to the Tories) is almost at rock bottom. Whatever happens under Labour, things really can’t get much worse than they already are. The ONLY way is up. The real question is how much damage and credibility has the last 14 years of Tory government really done to this country, and what a massive task it will be for Labour to try and bring some stability.

“Maybe they will maybe they won’t, but for crying out loud, at least give them a chance. Reading the comments below, its no wonder this country is in the state its been. Yes I want a better NHS, more doctors appointments, access to dentists, improved schools and more teachers, better public services cheaper gas and electric, less food banks, in fact pretty much what everyone else wants. Will we get all that, who knows…. but at least I’m prepared to give them (Labour) the chance. Why don’t you try being more optimistic the lot of you.”

John Williams: “Business as usual in Harrow MP’s wise.. It doesn’t matter who is in power. The rich will get richer while the poor will get poorer. Labour promise so much but wont deliver on any of it. Compare this time next year to now. Things will be just as bad with foodbanks, homelessness etc. Notice how you never see a poor MP.”

Daniel Higgins: “Starmer’s first challenge will be to rehabilitate faith in politics and standards in public life. Our parliamentary protocols were not designed for the level of depravity and lies that we’ve had over the last few years.”

James Clouting: “Labour have won a landslide. The number of seats under FPTP doesn’t lie. However: – They have done so with 2/3 of the seats on just over 1/3 of a 60% turnout. So just over 20% of the whole electorate. A clear indictment of them offering more of the same in a different colour under the broken and outdated FPTP system. – They won with a lower % and number of votes than what they got in 2017 and 2019. – Reform splitting the Tory vote gave Labour plenty of their seats. – Lib Dems got 70+ seats. Greens got 4. How many people voted for each? Whatever your politics, surely everyone agrees this is completely backwards and undemocratic.

“In addition: – The new PM saw his own vote half by 18,000! Not exactly a glowing endorsement from the people who know him best. – The previous Labour leader, as an independent, got 6,000 more votes than the new PM. – Would be Labour government ministers lost their seats. The new health secretary just about held on to his. Independents came very close to defeating others. Every political pundit across the news channels has said this is not about Labour winning, it’s about the Tories being finished. Seat numbers may say it’s a landslide, but the new government is already on very thin ice. And given all of the above, I don’t see how they can last 5 years.”

Harrow Liberal Democrats: “We are feeling very positive after yesterday’s result. There is clearly support nationwide for the LibDems and we can only go up in Harrow! If you want to get involved with a progressive party and ride our national wave of success by supporting our local causes, drop us a message! (Alternatively if you have election fatigue, we get it).”

Paul Cook: “Glad that Bob Blackman got in again as he has done a lot for us over his time as our MP, there will be people who say Labour should have won. But Bob won, alright his share was down by 1.3%, but look at labour there share was down by 8.5% take that on board.”

Steffie Banu: “Well done to both candidates who won! They must have done something right if constituents keep reelecting them. In regards to me personally and the Romanian community, they were both very helpful and supportive in all good plans. This country has been through a lot, the only way is up and I would rather make an effort and build it up here, than going back where I came from. So I pray great wisdom upon our leaders and never lose hope. God bless, Harrow!.”

Sarah Drakard: “I think immigration and wokeness will further and further divide society and then Nigel swoops in in 4 years as the new conservative option – look at France we’re gonna end up like them with Macron now and then Le Pen next… scary times!”

Mark Fox: “Whether we like the results or not the electorate has spoken and both Gareth Thomas and Bob Blackman have received overwhelming support in their constituencies. Now we all move forward in the hope that Starmer and team can start to turn around the country’s fortunes and repair the undoubtable damage of the last few years.”

David Lawes: “I’m somewhat surprised that Bob Blackman held onto Harrow East, and with an increased majority at that, whilst Theresa Villiers lost nearby Chipping Barnet to Labour (the first time that Labour has been elected there). i was prepared mentally for the opposite; Harrow East falling to Labour and Chipping Barnet to remain in Tory hands. But then I didn’t expect Harrow council to go Tory, and Barnet council to go Labour, 2 years ago.”

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