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Fact Checking Policy

Harrow Online reporters and journalists must be precise with their words, headlines, and URLs. They must understand that words have power and act responsibly. In doing so, reporters must verify the information they gather from credible sources.

This includes identifying information such as names and positions but also includes factual statements and accounts. Harrow Online regularly liaise with Metropolitan Police, London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade to obtain factual information before posting news stories.

Before any article is written, we ensure the information is newsworthy and accurate to ensure the best experience for Harrow Online readers. We verify sources and always use reference material if applicable.

Ethics Policy

Harrow Online is committed to the highest ethical standards. Accuracy, fairness and inclusion are within our core values. But nothing stands above the need to maintain our integrity. The public’s trust — our most important asset — depends on it.

Harrow Online journalists and reporters have three guidelines that they must always adhere to.

  1. No representative should act in a way that could damage the news organization’s credibility, or public perception.
  2. Any situation that raises questions of credibility must be discussed with a senior member of staff.
  3. We believe a diverse workforce is a more effective workforce. People of different backgrounds, religion, and mindset allow for a more inclusive source of ideas, innovation, capabilities and management style.

Each Harrow Online representative is responsible for our ethical standards. Any person(s) who is aware that a representative, journalist or reporter has committed ethical violations should bring the matter to the attention of a senior editor as soon as possible.

Corrections Policy

How we deal with errors and mistakes in our reporting is highly important to maintaining our integrity and the trust of the Harrow Online audience. When Harrow Online publishes an error, we will acknowledge it and take appropriate steps to correct it as soon as possible. Anyone who wishes to alert our editors to a needed correction, whether this be in our articles or social media, can email info@harrowonline.org

Ownership & Funding

Harrow Online is a privately owned business based in the United Kingdom. We have partnerships with several advertising providers for display ads throughout our website and across social media.