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Car smashes into parked vehicles in Wealdstone before driving off

There was a nasty road traffic incident on Byron Road, Wealdstone yesterday (Monday 26 August) at 8:00pm.

CCTV footage captures the vehicle crashing into other stationary cars that are parked on the road before driving off without stopping.

Mena Varsani, who captured the incident on her CCTV said: “A White Seat car driver damaged four parked stationary vehicles on Byron Road and drove off without stopping. An eye witness has taken part of his Vehicle reg DG13… seen a middle aged black man driver. The footage on CCTV shows, the Seat car driver, drove from Ronart Street on to Byron Road hitting four parked cars and then drove without stopping on to Locket Road. He must have been driving more then 30 mph on a residential Road.”

She continues: “The first car was hit… the driver manoeuvre out quite fast but hit our car…
Our car was pushed back and the hit the neighbors car… her car hit the fourth parked car…”.

Concerned residents have commented via the Harrow Online Group stating: “Hope you have shown police that footage. They might be able to freeze the frame to get the number before it crashes into the car. Hope they get the driver, probably drink driving.” Another person said: “Oh gosh, that’s terrible. There is a speed jump too.”

The incident has been reported to the police and to insurance companies, you can see the footage via our instagram page.