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Home News Armed gang of youths filmed smashing doors of Aldi in Ruislip

Armed gang of youths filmed smashing doors of Aldi in Ruislip

An armed gang armed attempted to smash through Aldi doors in South Ruislip tonight (30 September).

Police were called at 6.01pm. A Met Police spokesperson said: “Police were called to a disturbance involving multiple youths at Victoria Retail Park in South Ruislip”

“Multiple youths were involved and a number of items were thrown”

Credit: Ross Scott

An eye witness named Ross Scott told Harrow Online

“Myself and my wife was just casually shopping this evening and at the tills ready to pay when around 10 youths aged 13/15 years old entered the store. After an slanging match with one of the staff. The staff member told them to leave… at which point it literally went off like an explosion… boxes flying everywhere kids throwing punches at staff… the staff all running to help get these kids out.”

“Then one of the kids picked up a fire extinguisher and hit a staff member with it and started spraying it all over the store at customers and staff. Eventually they went outside and started then kicking the doors in using everything in sight including weapons. Eventually they smashed their way in the store again and again started gunning for staff. One staff member sustained vigorous injuries to his nose and head bleeding badly. And another facially and eyes covered in fire extinguisher foam. Another covered in blood. Glass everywhere.”

“I administered first aid to two workers. One with an eye wash and another to assess his nose and head”.

(Image Credit: Ross Scott)