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Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Man jailed after being found with a combat knife and mask in Harrow

A man has been jailed after he was found in possession of drugs, a large combat knife and a mask in Harrow.

On Tuesday, 29 June, Ali Liban pleaded guilty to charges and was sentenced to 14 months in prison. The charges included possession of a Class A controlled drug with intent to supply and possession of a blade – a combat knife.

The court heard that VCTF officers were conducting proactive patrols on the evening of 7 August 2020 when they noticed Liban and another man sitting in a parked car on Learner Drive, South Harrow at around 7:30pm.

The mask recovered by Met Police.

The officers approached and carried out a search of the car, which belonged to Liban, where they found a quantity of snap bags containing Class A and Class B drugs, as well as a bulk of herbal cannabis and drugs paraphernalia, including a digital weighing scale and mobile phones.

They also discovered a large Rambo-style combat knife and a mask. Both men were arrested and taken into custody. Liban was remanded.

PC Ian Croxford, of the Violent Crime Taskforce, said: “This was a fantastic stop and search by VCTF officers who spotted a suspicious vehicle and then carried out a thorough search to recover drugs, a seriously dangerous weapon and a face mask.

The Rambo-style knife recovered by Met Police

“A life may well have been saved thanks to the officers who trusted their instincts enough to know that they needed to investigate. The presence of the mask was particularly concerning, what offences could have been committed had officers not acted?

“Drugs blight communities, ruin lives, and are inextricably linked to a high proportion of the violence committed in London. Those who deal in the exploitation and misery of others can expect to find us catching up with them and placing them before the courts.”

Source: Met Police