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Harrow residents share treasured memories growing up in the borough

Residents of Harrow have been sharing their memories of growing up in the borough via the Harrow Online Group.

Touching memories have been shared by members of the group, that will no doubt be bring some heart-warming nostalgia to some of our readers.

Group members posted stories of their childhood growing up in Harrow, and memories dating back as far as the 1960s.

Below are some of the best responses –

“Going to the youth center on Grant Road – playing pool, sports, board games, the Tuck shop. I met so many lovely friends there. Trocadero (games area) when St George’s first opened. Getting a knickerbockerglory from Wimpy. Helping my nana do her shopping every Friday pm – I remember In-shops and how lovely all the shop owners were, especially the lady at the front who sold the cards.”

“Going to Cromwell’s Bazaar on a Saturday morning with my teenage friend Andy to buy some new kit!”

“We used to go to Harrow Leisure Centre just to use the water slides. These were all different colours and they were fast!!!! Then on the way home, there was a little chippy opposite the Corner Shop that we’d go to.”

“Going to Goose-acre park in Kenton with my friends and putting stepping stones across the stream, and a makeshift swing, also the swimming pool in Kingsbury – used to go there lots and we didnt need our parents with us then, kids these days miss out on so much sadly.”

“Many nights spent in the Wealdstone Inn which is now Bombay Central. Karaoke galore back in the 90s, lots of good friends made.”

There was a joke shop called Funtasia in Kenton, not far down from the station towards the bottom of the hill. Each year me and my cousin would go in there looking for the latest Halloween masks to get, very friendly owners if I remember. Those were the days. There was another one in Wealdstone too but I can’t remember the name.”

Harrow residents share treasured memories growing up in the borough Harrow Online
St Anns Shopping Centre, early 90s. Credit: Chris Buchanan

“Going home from scouts on cold winter nights and getting chips from chippy opposite clock tower in Wealdstone. Lots of vinegar.”

“Riding our bmx bikes around the civic centre on a Sunday with friends when it was empty, we could do all the stunts we wanted around the fountains lol”

“During the summer holidays we would go swimming in the outdoor pool at Harrow Leisure Centre, bowling at North Harrow bowling alley and go to the cinema in Rayners Lane. Happy childhood memories.”

“I used to go to Debenhams to see Father Christmas every year until I was about 11, they really put on a good display and there was always a gaming area upstairs that people would be trying out, if I remember..there was also a big tree that used to greet you!!!! Great times.”

“I remember going to a club called Time in Harrow Town Centre, each Friday we would finish work (I worked at First National) and we woujd go to the Rat and Parrot before heading to the club later in the evening. The sign is still there to this day on the front of the building.”

“Going to Granada cinema to see Rolling Stones and American rock stars, also Buddy Holly at State Cinema Kilburn – loved him”

“Seeing Princess Diana open St Anne’s shopping centre think was around 1987”

“The Wealdstone Football team wining at Wembley”

“I used to play for Pinner Albion, we would all get food in the tuck shop after our games. Great times I wish I could bring back.”

Harrow residents share treasured memories growing up in the borough Harrow Online
St Anns Road, early 90s. Credit: Chris Buchanan

“Going to Girl Guides Friday night at St Anselms school then walking up the hill to have a smoke calling at the chippy on the way home.”

“The old paddling pool in West Harrow park”

“Horse riding through Harrow Weald and Stanmore Common, Sadly hardly see a horse in the Harrow area now.”

“The weekly dance to top groups including Jerry Lee Lewis and the Rolling Stones, the Hollies etc at the Royal British Legion South Harrow. Run by living local film extras.”

“Walking along “The Rattler” on a hot summers day, looking for slow worms.
Having a “Wimpey” (the one that was opposite Sopers). The “international Grill” was a huge treat. Waiting in line outside the Granada cinema, down Bonnersfield lane.”

“Weng Wah Buffet in Edgware. Not the nicest of restaurants in terms of the way it looked! But the food was incredible. Me and my friends would go there after college”.

“Playing in the paddling pool in the park in Lowlands Road at the back of the station and the pond at West Harrow with all the model boats being sailed on it.”