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Over twenty vehicle crimes reported in Pinner since the new year

Police have confirmed that twenty three vehicle crimes have been reported in Pinner since the beginning of the year.

The crimes included fifteen catalytic converter thefts, and eight stolen vehicles. Mainly high value cars have been targeted by thieves, police confirmed.

Posting via OWL, local police said: “Since the start of 2022, Pinner has experienced a spate of vehicle crime; during which time eight vehicles and fifteen catalytic converters have been stolen.

“Typically, the vehicles stolen are of high value (i.e. BMWs, Mercedes), and are taken overnight without the car keys being taken beforehand.

“Although two of the stolen vehicles have been found, many vehicles are not as they are stolen to order for the purpose of exporting abroad or used by criminals to commit other offences.”

Thankfully, there are steps that can be taken to avoid these crimes. Three things you can do to reduce the chances of your vehicle being stolen are –

– Keyless entry vehicles must have their key kept inside a Faraday pouch / shield

– Affix a steering wheel lock or other immobiliser

– Install a dropdown or pull-up bollard(s)

We hope to have more information about how you can prevent vehicle crime in Harrow later this week.

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