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Harrow police to hold catalytic converter marking event

Harrow police are told a catalytic converter marking event at Greenhill Way Car Park, Harrow, on Wednesday (16 March).

Following the success of their previous catalytic converter marking event, police have given residents of Harrow the opportunity to have theirs marked.

Police did note that the forensic marking kits will only be installed on the four most targeted makes of vehicles for catalytic converter thefts: Toyota, Honda, Lexus and BMW.


Harrow police, working in partnership with HI-Q and Harrow Council, will offer this free of charge and will only require a simple registration form to be filled out to ensure that the unique identifier of the forensic marker used is linked with the owner of the vehicle.

On the day, police will set up a stand where crime prevention advice and leaflets will be available.

To best avoid traffic disruption, all interested persons owning the above vehicle models only, who wish to have their catalytic converters forensically marked are to park their vehicle in an available parking bays at Greenhill Way car park, before walking over to the coned-off area where there will be visible signage of where to queue on foot.

Residents are not to park inconsiderately and should form an orderly queue on foot. At 09:00 am, officers will be handing out a ticket to each person in this queue on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Please be aware that there are only 75 forensic marking kits available and it is anticipated that they will be allocated extremely quickly.

Harrow Police stated that they apologise in advance to any of those who do not manage to have their catalytic converter marked, but hope to conduct future events where more kits will be disseminated.

Source: OWL.co.uk

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