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Thieves target cars in Harrow gaining entry through ‘unknown means’

There have been two cases of thefts from motor vehicles in Harrow in which the suspect(s) have gained entry the the cars via ‘unknown means’.

Posting via the OWL website, Harrow police revealed that on the night of April 20/21, between 8:00pm and 1:00am, the first keyless entry theft occurred on Gayton Road, Harrow.

The suspect(s) gained entry to victim’s vehicle without causing any damage, stealing a handbag containing various items of the individuals property including bank cards and cash.

Police confirmed that the second incident occurred on April 22 at around 2:45am on Crofts Road, Harrow. Again, the suspect gained entry to the vehicle by unknown means and without causing any damage – on this occasion a small amount of cash and phone chargers were stolen.

Thieves target cars in Harrow gaining entry through ‘unknown means’ Harrow Online
Crofts Road, Harrow.

Police have advised residents to reduced the risk of your vehicle being targeted by thieves by following the following advice:

Check your vehicle is locked and secure every time you leave it. Thieves often look for easy opportunities to steal from vehicles. They will usually try the handles until they get lucky and find one that has been left unlocked.

Remove all items from view by taking them with you or putting them in the boot out of sight. Thieves will look for any items on display.

Things like clothes, documents, or an old bag might not seem like ‘valuables’ but they could tempt a thief. If you have a garage at home use it. If you don’t, try to park in a well-lit, open space.

Source: OWL

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