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Off the Wall: Harrow café showcases local art work

A cafe in Harrow Weald is hosting an art exhibition showcasing local artists that have supported the venue since opening.

Off The Wall has been described as a ‘rotating exhibition of local artists’ and the opening day was a huge success.

A representative of the cafe said: “Thank you to everyone that attended our opening of Off the Wall.”

Credit: ParkLife Cafe

“We were fortunate to see local councillors attend and several other people perfectly suited to cut the ribbon, however we wanted to keep with our tradition of community first and have someone special to open the gallery, we chose Vaz.”

“We cannot thank the Parklife crew enough for putting together such a great event. Thank you to the attendees who helped make this opening really special.”

ParkLife Café sells great coffee and cakes and they managed to sell 3 paintings on the evening straight ‘off the wall’.

The venue is located next to Harrow Weald Bus Garage, on the edge of Harrow Weald Recreation ground (aka Boxtree Park), which has 5.5 acres of parkland.

Organisers are asking residents to come and view their selection of artists who have supported the gallery with great paintings and prices.

Credit: ParkLife Cafe

A selection of 9 different artist’s works available until 26th of June 2022, when the next Off The Wall rotation will take place

If you are interest in this project or would like to be notified of the next rotation please see https://harrowweald.co.uk

Credit: ParkLife Cafe

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