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Giant puppet parade happening in Harrow Town Centre this weekend

Harrow Town Centre will host a Balkan music and Puppetry Parade this coming weekend.

Summer is finally here and the weather we have been eagerly waiting for is upon us. The last thing we want to do is stay indoors and miss out on the sunshine, and let’s face it – we rarely experience it in Harrow!.

What we all want to do is go out, have fun, and enjoy the mini heatwave. One of the easiest, hassle-free ways to enjoy the sun is by visiting parks in Harrow. It’s one thing to sit in the park whilst absorbing the heat, but getting the opportunity to witness a live event takes it to a whole new level!.


To kick off an amazing start to summer, Harrow Arts Centre and The Balkan Village Band have teamed up to create a Balkan music and ‘Giant Puppetry Parade’.

This event will take place in Harrow Town Centre this weekend. The goal is to ‘celebrate life, music and art in a jolly parade.’


The parade happens this Saturday (25th June), and what better way to start your weekend and release the stress from your hard-working week?

To give you an idea of what to expect, there will be dancing, singing, cultural music and colourful costumes. A Saturday afternoon not to be missed watching an extravagant live show with music and a giant puppet!.

The shows will take place in the town centre at 1pm and 3pm. Each will last around an hour and will be free for all to enjoy.

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