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Eid al-Adha festival to be held in Harrow this weekend

This weekend (9 and 10 July) sees Eid al-Adha celebrated by thousands of Harrow residents as the 1Eid Festival takes place in Kenton Recreation Ground.

The huge celebrations, which we be held co-operatively in five different parks across London, will feature Eid Prayer, a Saturday Festival, a Sunday Festival and a huge fireworks display amongst much more.

Members of the public wishing to attend the festival can now book tickets for the following items at www.1Eid.net

  1. Eid Prayer on Saturday morning at 10 AM
  2. Saturday Festival – Eid Day
  3. Sunday Festival – Day of Eid Tashreeq
  4. Fireworks Show – on Saturday Night Only
  5. Pay your Zakah or Give Sadaqa for Yawm ul Arafah

Event organisers have said that stalls are still available at the events and that volunteers are also wanted. This year, the event in Harrow will be held at Kenton Recreation Ground.

In addition to the stalls, fireworks and festivities, there is also a funfair planned for the big weekend. The festival will be fundraising for ‘Afghanistan’s very needy’ and ‘those suffering in Bangladesh’, say organisers.

The official event’s listing states “The festival aspect requires you and your family to enjoin this amazing noble cause. We need more volunteers, more funding support, and much more du’a so that next Eid we can deliver the amazing festivals 1Eid has established in many other parts of the country.

Harrow will have 1Eid insha’Allah established by Allah’s will through your support and sincerity. Help us plan the biggest festival in 2023 by joining us this Eid for a massive beautiful prayer led by Sheikh Adil Bengalha al Maghribi, with reminders and speeches from our learned brothers.”

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