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Nightmare property shut down by Harrow Council and police

Harrow Council and the Police have put a stop to persistent anti-social behaviour causing bother to residents on Mayfield Avenue in Kenton.

The property, which was a magnet for anti-social behaviour and drug use, was shut down for a minimum of 3 months thanks to joint work by the Harrow Council Community Safety Team and local policing team.

The Council stated that residents in Mayfield Avenue, Kenton, will “finally be able to feel safe and at peace and go about their day without having to worry.”

Over the last 8 months, residents have had to put up with the constant smell of drugs, regular fights, shouting and swearing, harassment and intimidation – and these were just some of the things people on Mayfield Avenue had to endure.

The closure was requested by both the Council and police, and last week, the property was officially shut from use.

Cllr Anjana Patel, cabinet member for environment and community safety at Harrow Council said: “This is great news for residents of Mayfield Avenue. Everyone has a right to feel safe in their own community and I’d like to thank our officers and partners at the police for putting our residents first and shutting down this property which has been a hub for ASB, crime and drugs.

“I hope it gives local residents reassurance and peace of mind when they are going on about their day. We will continue to tackle these issues and won’t hesitate to do the same with any other properties making our neighbourhoods feel unsafe.”

Source: Harrow Council