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Fire at ‘suspected cannabis factory’ in Harrow destroys house

Firefighters tackled a blaze at a suspected cannabis factory in Kenton, Harrow on Saturday, 6 May.

Harrow Online were alerted to the incident after reports of a large presence of fire engines and around 25 firefighters at Claremont Avenue, there was also a number of police cars spotted at the scene.

The fire was at a semi-detached two-storey house, part of which was destroyed by the flames.

According to the London Fire Brigade, cannabis factory fires can be particularly dangerous due to the unsafe wiring that criminals use to illegally obtain electricity to grow the plants.

“They’re often in top floors or lofts which means when a fire takes hold it spreads, destroying roofs and damaging neighbouring buildings,” said a spokesperson.

“Firefighters can also be exposed to risks when dealing with the fires because of bad wiring and traps at some of the properties.”

The fire was brought under control by 1349 and fire crews from Stanmore and Wembley fire stations were in attendance.

Fire at ‘suspected cannabis factory’ in Harrow destroys house Harrow Online
Firefighters and police at Kenton, Harrow.

The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Brigade and the Metropolitan Police Service.

The London Fire Brigade emphasised the importance of being aware of the signs of cannabis factories and reporting them to the police. “It’s important that people know the key signs and inform the police so that they can act swiftly to prevent these dangerous fires from happening,” the spokesperson said.