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Multiple burglaries strike South Harrow on the same evening

South Harrow residents are urged to be vigilant following a series of burglaries that occurred last night, Wednesday September 27th.

In an alert posted via OWL (Online Watch Link), PCSO Louise Nicholson has provided info to help residents safeguard their homes and belongings.

The burglaries targeted three houses in different roads within the South Harrow area:

1. Hollyrood Avenue – 8:45pm
2. Malvern Avenue – 10:15pm
3. Kingsley Road – 10:30pm

In all cases, three male suspects were spotted near the targeted properties. A black BMW was also seen parked nearby, possibly associated.

To keep your homes and belongings safe, here are some tips recommended by police:

  • Double-Check Your Porch Doors: Make sure both your porch and front doors are locked securely.
  • Secure Your Wheelie Bins: Move your wheelie bins away from gates or walls to prevent anyone from using them to climb.
  • Protect Your Jewellery: There seems to be a particular interest in jewellery, so it’s essential to store it safely. Also, consider taking pictures of your valuable items for insurance purposes in case you ever need to make a claim.

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