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Resident steps in as Harrow War Memorial poppy wreaths vandalised

Local resident Nick Bones provided a firsthand account of an incident at the War Memorial outside the old Harrow Civic Centre on Friday, January 5th, at approximately 5pm.

Speaking to Harrow Online, Mr Bones shared, “I was heading towards the back of the train station, and for which you may not know, the lights around the old Civic Centre are not in use, that can be quite daunting for anybody that suffers with anxiety.”

He continued, “Well, the Remembrance Sunday poppy wreaths were being thrown around by a male that looked to be in his early 30’s.”

According to him, the situation escalated as he and another member of the public approached the individual and explicitly told him, “Stop what you’re doing and stop destroying the memorial area.”

Despite the confrontation, the man swiftly left the scene. Bones recounted, “The vile person soon left, for which I and another member of the public helped to gather up the poppy wreaths and place them back where they meant to be!”

The wreathes had been strewn all over the pavement, leaving the war memorial bare.

He added, “To be honest, I didn’t think it needed police attention unless the vandal tried it on with me. Vandalism doesn’t get much attention due to not catching the perpetrators, whether they’re spoiling cemeteries or people are fly-tipping and creating a mess in our area. I fear that if the area looks like a shambles, people will act the same.”

If anyone has information or CCTV footage related to the incident, kindly share it with the police to aid in identifying the individual responsible.