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Harrow’s Hockey Heroes – A look at Harrow Hockey Club

Originating in the mid-18th century, hockey was a sport which was largely the domain of posh private schools such as Eton; however, when the first Hockey Associated was launched in 1876, formal rules were set out, and the popularity of the game began to spread across the UK.

In 1896, The North London Collegiate School for girls introduced the game, taught by Beatrice Marriage and, before long, hockey became a staple girls’ sport in English schools.

Battles on and off the field

Although there is little information available about Harrow Hockey Club’s origins, minutes taken of the club’s activities on the 1st of April 1909 make mention of the sport at the club’s grounds on Kenton Lane. At this time, the club did feature a ladies department; however, this was more or less defunct due to a lack of interest.

In the years before the First World War, the club would relocate first to the Universities and Public Schools Sports Ground and then to Wembley Park before finally settling at Pinner Cricket Club on Pinner Green. When war broke out in 1914, all club activities were halted and would remain as such until the club was reformed in September 1919.

Finding a home for Harrow hockey

By 1920, the club boasted four teams – two male and two female – but Harrow Hockey Club was still struggling to find a home, and, in 1921, the club rented two pitches from the derelicts Cricket Club. In 1922, the ladies section of the club made the decision to go their own way in order to have control over their own direction and manage their own finances, and a pitch and use of a pavilion were secured at Pinner Cricket Club.

However, once again the ladies’ team was forced to disband in 1925 due to a lack of interest. The men’s team, however, would continue and, having teamed up with Harrow Weald, would play regular matches at Harrow Weald and Headstone Manor. Sadly, in 1939, war would once again disrupt play, and the club would not reform again until 1946. As peacetime became the norm, the club would begin to thrive, and by 1967, the club was home to nine teams, including the Golders Green Ladies Hockey Club.

Get onboard

In 2024, The Harrow Hockey Club is going from strength to strength, and teams benefit from the expert coaching of John Hurst – former GB and England GK Coach. The club’s male and female teams play in the National Cup, and the ladies’ teams also participate in local summer hockey leagues.

If you fancy getting involved, Harrow Hockey Club, based in Sudbury Hill, welcomes new members for both its adult teams and its junior teams, and for more information, you can get in touch with the club via its online contact form.