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Council passes revised 17 storey residential building in Ealing after receiving 570 objections

Ealing Council has approved the construction of 140 flats in South Acton after four years of consultation with developers. Initially planned to be over 20 stories high the plan received 570 objections during its lifespan.

Objections included concerns that the ‘relatively small’ site on Stanley Road would be over-developed with the building being too high, blocking out sunlight and causing overcrowding on public transport. However, the council officer presenting plans to the council’s planning committee insisted that many of the concerns raised over the past four years had been addressed.

A major change was the height of the plan’s main building, which was reduced by six stories to 17. The number of flats being built also decreased to 140 from 210 – 42 (35 per cent) of which will be affordable housing.

The scheme was brought forward as the same time as the South Acton masterplan which will regulate future constuctions in the area to ensure they fall within certain parametres. This includes  height limit of 15 stories, something not observed in the Stanley Road plan.

However, the council officer said that the developers agreement to improve pedestrian areas to the north of the site as well as more greening in the area and public railway improvements meant he believed this detail could be overlooked. This did raise some eyebrows amongst councillors.

Ealier in the meeting a 18 storey project in Greenock Road had been approved on a similar basis as a “one-off” because of a roadway improvement agreement. Cllr Jon Ball was quick to raise the concern that there would be no point in having a masterplan if every project that did not adhere to it was treated as a one-off.

Council passes revised 17 storey residential building in Ealing after receiving 570 objections Harrow Online
Masterplan South Acton (with key), Ealing. Permission for use by all LDRS partners. Credit: Ealing Council

He said councillors had already apporved the Greenock Road plan on the priviso that it was the one of its kind, adding: “we are now being asked to have another one-off at a neighbouring site.” He also threw his weight behind overshadowing concerns saying properties in Ravenswood Court could have dalight blocked by the construction as well as properties on Kingswood and Weston Roads.

He concluded: “I understand it is better than the schemes for this site previously but it does seem to me that the is an over-development of this site.”

Cllr Gareth Shaw said he took Cllr Ball’s point that this was indeed a second ‘one-off’ but said that he agreed with officers that the improvements made to scheme over the four year consultation was enough to sway him.

Cllr Driscoll added that although he was will to approve the plan, he wanted to see the masterplan more rigorously enforced in the future to prevent anymore ‘one-offs’. The plan was approved 9-2.