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Harrow War Memorial relocation underway

Harrow’s marble War Memorial started its relocation process to Harrow Town Centre today as skilled stone masons began carefully dismantling the structure.

Installed in 2005 at the request of ex-serviceman and Cllr Chris Mote, son of the first Mayor of Harrow, Minerva Stone Masons and Building Conservation is here, a team of stone mason restorers who are diligently cutting into the joins of the stone blocks to ensure they can be removed in sections with no breakage.

Harrow War Memorial relocation underway Harrow Online
The crane is on hand to help with the relocation process.

The structure is put together with steel rods to ensure stability and will have to be carefully dismantled piece by piece before being put back together on Station Road nearer to the town centre.

The team are using a loader crane to make the move and estimate all work to be completed by the end of the week.

Harrow War Memorial relocation underway Harrow Online
The top of the war memorial carefully removed.

The memorial will be relocated to Havelock Place, next to St. Anns Road, which is the preferred choice because it is much more visible to the public and closer to the shopping area in Harrow Town Centre.

The reason for moving the memorial is that the current site hosting the civic center is going to be converted into flats as part of the broader regeneration of Harrow.

This November will mark the annual Remembrance Sunday procession along a new route through Harrow, we are looking forward to seeing the memorial in it’s new location!,