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Are Harrow’s post offices disappearing?

In recent times, The Post Office has made headlines countless times – and the news has rarely been good. Aside from the now infamous scandal, The Post Office has been under fire for closing branches across the country and, in this article, we’re looking at the closures in our borough.

Central Harrow

For many years, residents of Central Harrow enjoyed a large post office at 14 College Road which served both private and commercial customers. In 2016, a decision was made to close this branch and open a new, much smaller, outlet within the WH Smith store in the St Ann’s Shopping Centre. This infuriated a lot of Harrow residents – particularly older people who sometimes struggle with the self-service machines which have replaced, to a large extent, cashiers.

Harrow on the Hill

In 2009, despite Harrow Council’s best efforts to save it, the post office on Harrow on the Hill closed for good. While there is now a small facility within the village shop, customers need to travel either to Central Harrow or to South Harrow for any more complex transactions.

Saving post offices – and communities

In many cases, a post office is an important part of a community – and one which many people rely on. Closures of local post offices – particularly within rural areas – can not just be inconvenient but can also make people feel isolated as well as missing out on vital services.