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Cafe and music venue in Ealing refused licence extension after backlash

A cafe and music venue in Acton has been refused an extension to its current licence after nearby residents made vigorous opposition to plans. The application, which would have seen licensable activity at the premise extended until 3am, faced objections by the police, the council’s noise nuisance team, the ward councillor as well as 15 neighbours.

The primary concerns of the objectors related to parking, anti-social behaviour, and noise complaints. During the licensing sub-committee hearing, Mateusz Kruk of the Pollution Action Team confirmed that there were eight noise complaint cases open against the bar at the time.

Anaya Cafe director Kanojan Yoganathan and his representative tried to draw a clear distinction between the old way the cafe was run and his tenure, which started in January. However, Mr Kruk confirmed that three of the eight of the noise complaints had come after the change, with the most recent one being made on February 16.

Mr Yoganathan’s plan put forward proposals to introduce more noise control methods including introducing a sound limiter that automatically lowers the volume of music and better soundproofing of the venue. However, concerns were raised about noise caused by patrons leaving the premises with PC Vickie Hewison warning of anti-social behaviour including ‘people drunk’ and ‘urination’.

Izabella Grzyb, a resident of nearby homes which are only 45 metres from the cafe, said that the “issue is the ongoing way the service operates”, adding that it had little regard for residents. “It is extremely tiring and disturbing,” she said referencing how activity at the site disrupts residents trying to sleep.

Nim Marades, who was representing the Hanger Hill Garden Residents Association, went one step further saying that the cafe “should be closed down” altogether. The level of frustration expressed by the residents clearly took representatives of the cafe aback.

Mr Yoganathan’s representative said he was ‘disappointed’ by the response of residents. He said Mr Yoganathan was willing to improve the premises and ‘put a lot of money behind it’ including soundproofing “and everybody is up in arms.”

He added: “I really have no words, what more can we do?”

The panellists of the committee had their own concerns about the management of the cafe. Mr Yoganathan admitted that he used to work for the previous owners of the venue and despite denouncing their previous time in charge as ‘mismanagement’ the committee appeared concerned about the connection and continuation of noise complaints being made despite the switch in directorship.

It was for those reasons that the application was refused by the licensing sub-committee.


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