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Harrow residents discuss their wishes for 2023 and beyond

The new year is just around the corner and Harrow residents have been discussing their hopes and wishes for 2023.

We asked the members of our facebook group what they wanted for Harrow as we move forward into the new year and beyond. Below are some of the best responses we received.

Kathy Barr said: “There needs to be more help and housing for people addicted to drugs and alcohol. It’s all very well moaning that these people are around the streets but until appropriate help is given they’re not going anywhere.”

Robert Dallenger said: “To get my 80-year-old Auntie back home with her husband and out of a Harrow care home, where she’s been for the past year because there is no care package available for her.”

Paru Jerum commented: “I wish that the food banks continue to support families is need and the warm jobs continue through the new year and are a permanent fixture every year for the elderly and lonely people in need of shelter in the cold months.”

Veronica Chamberlain posted: “Safe cycling facilities so that people can cycle as a normal way to get about, without worrying about traffic! Secure cycle storage so that they don’t worry about having their bike stolen! And the inclusion of everyone, including disabled cyclists and people riding cargo bikes.”

Harrow residents discuss their wishes for 2023 and beyond Harrow Online

Elena Hribal said: “To build up a park suitable for older children to get them off gadgets! The one in central Harrow has 5 slides! They could set up things like a zip line or climbing. Look at Watford, how many parks they have! To organise free activities for children over summer like Watford does!”

Susan Budd added: “More police on the streets. Things for the teens to do in the evening. Youth clubs/music venues (that they can afford).”

Jason P said: “Living in Wealdstone I am looking forward to the development but I wish that there were more things to keep the kids off the streets, when I grew up we had youth clubs and children’s activities but sadly these seem to be a thing from the past these days. To reduce crime in Harrow one thing that would be good, and I think I speak for most people, is better youth facilities across the borough.”

Sudha Patel commented: “New pavement from 1 to 19 Eastcote lane and wish people stop throwing rubbish on this side of the road.”

Susan Smith said: “Just for everyone to get through the cost of living crisis and survive it. Sadly I think many businesses that we have all known and loved will perish due to souring costs, I hope I’m wrong but that’s the way it’s looking at the moment. And I know this is not Harrow related but I hope the Ukraine war comes to an end as it’s just so painful to see.”

Leona Beckett said: “The parks to be sorted out. Like one behind Harrow Leisure Centre and the one at Elmgrove.”