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New Video Release: Harrow Council Leader outlines plan to restore pride in the borough

Harrow Council Leader Paul Osborn has recently shared a video message via the council’s social media channels, highlighting the progress made in the last year, as well as outlining future plans for the borough.

In the message, Cllr. Osborn said, “When I became leader of Harrow Council, almost a year ago, I knew we needed to make a change. I knew we needed to restore pride in Harrow, we needed to become a council that puts residents first; we needed to become a borough that’s clean and safe, and we needed to be a place that looks after the most vulnerable and that needs our support.”

He acknowledged that while progress has been made over the past year, there’s still much more to be done. He emphasized that there are no quick fixes, but the council is focusing on what matters most to the residents. They are working to deal with fly-tipping across the borough, putting plans in place to address potholes, and exploring ways to limit the construction of tall buildings to preserve the suburban character of Harrow.

Cllr. Osborn emphasized the importance of restoring pride in Harrow and urged residents to work together with the council to achieve this goal.

Harrow Council’s efforts to improve the borough’s living conditions and enhance the quality of life for residents have been generally well received so far. With a renewed focus on addressing key issues such as fly-tipping, potholes, and building development in Harrow, it remains to be seen how these changes will impact the borough in the long term.

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