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Revealed: New Black Mirror episode was filmed in Harrow

It has been revealed that a television crew spotted filming in Harrow Town Centre last year was working on an episode of the popular Netflix series Black Mirror.

The episode, number 5 in the new season and titled ‘Demon 79’, stars Anjana Vasan and Paapa Essiedu, known for their remarkable performances in various notable productions such as Spiderman: Far from Home and I May Destroy You.

At the time of filming, Harrow Online paid a visit to the town centre to check out what was happening, we were told that the show had the code name ‘Project Red Book’ and that it was being filmed for Netflix.

Revealed: New Black Mirror episode was filmed in Harrow Harrow Online
Black Mirror crew in Harrow Town Centre

The former Debenhams building, situated in Greenhill Way in the heart of Harrow Town Centre, underwent a complete transformation to become “Possetts,” a retro-themed shoe store.

The episode, set in 1979, is referred to as a “Red Mirror” episode in the opening credits, hinting at the dark and unsettling themes that lie ahead….

Warning, spoilers: The plot revolves around Nida, a sales assistant at a department store, who faces discrimination and racism from her coworkers and boss. However, her life takes a terrifying turn when she stumbles upon a mysterious talisman. This artefact unleashes a demon-in-training named Gaap, portrayed in eccentric attire reminiscent of the legendary musical group Boney M.

In a shocking twist, Gaap instructs Nida to kill three individuals within a few days, claiming that it is the only way to avert a catastrophic nuclear apocalypse. Initially coerced into taking a bystander’s life after Gaap reveals his heinous acts against his own daughter, Nida soon becomes overwhelmed with fear and refuses to continue down this dark path.

However, as the narrative unfolds, she finds herself compelled to embark on a killing spree, targeting a man who was found guilty of murdering his wife and even his own brother upon his arrival.

Revealed: New Black Mirror episode was filmed in Harrow Harrow Online
Former Debenhams transformed for the show.

Unfortunately, Nida’s actions do not align with the prophecy, as the murder of a murderer fails to fulfil the ominous requirements. Undeterred, she redirects her focus towards Michael Smart, a far-right Conservative politician.

Determined to stop him, she chases him down and attempts to run him off the road. However, her plans are thwarted when the police apprehend her before she can carry out her deadly mission.

As the world hangs in the balance, Nida finds herself alone in an interrogation room, contemplating her fate. In a chilling climax, Gaap, the demonic influence that has plagued her throughout the episode, manipulates her into accepting damnation together. With nuclear missiles descending upon the world, the scene is set for an apocalyptic end.

‘Demon 79’ offers a thought-provoking and unsettling glimpse into a world filled with discrimination, moral dilemmas, and the dangerous influence of supernatural forces.

As Harrow residents recall the presence of the Black Mirror crew in their town, they are reminded of the unique role their community played in bringing the episode to life! quite a notable event for the Borough to say the least.

Revealed: New Black Mirror episode was filmed in Harrow Harrow Online
Have you seen the episode yet?

Fans of the series can now stream ‘Demon 79’ and immerse themselves in the dark and introspective world of Black Mirror, where technology and human nature collide in chilling ways.

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